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Preventing Hemorrhoids: The Foods You Need and You Have to Avoid

You may be noticing discomforts like swelling, pain and itchiness around the anus. Hemorrhoids are dilated rectal veins. A healthy diet can help you save yourself from having this discomforting disease. What do you need to add and to eliminate in your diet in order to prevent hemorrhoids?

The Dilated Veins

First you must know what causes hemorrhoids. Factors to this condition are activities or habits that may increase the pressure within the wall of your anal and rectal veins. You may be standing and sitting for long periods, or you may be bearing down too hard when moving your bowel. Also, when you are heavier than what is considered normal, you are also increasing your risk of having hemorrhoids.


A high fiber diet can spare you from the disease. This nutrient found in vegetables, fruits and cereals can absorb water thereby increasing the bulk and softening your stools. Experts recommend that in order to prevent colon cancer and other digestive diseases you must have high amounts of fiber in your meals. You will notice that when you don’t get the servings of high-fiber foods, you can’t defecate for several days. Here are food groups that can help you increase the roughage to your diet.

Whole Grains

Whole grains and cereals are high in fiber. They can help you increase the bulk to your stool. This is why it is healthy to eat cereals for breakfast or to snack on whole grain snacks. They can promote a healthy bowel movement by giving you the recommended amount of fiber daily.


Fruits are abundant sources of fiber too. Aside from this, they are also rich in fluids. You can eat fruits that can help you increase your intake of water as well as to reach the daily recommended intake of dietary fiber. Papaya and watermelon are known to promote a good bowel habit. They can help you prevent hemorrhoids.


There are many benefits to vegetables. Think of the essential nutrients they contain plus the high amount of vegetables they have. It is important that you always have your serving of vegetables. They can also help you develop stronger blood vessels that can resist an increase in pressure thereby preventing hemorrhoids.

Kaolin and Pectin

There are several foods that you need to avoid in order to prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. You know that constipation is one of the factors to developing dilated rectal veins. Foods that are rich in kaolin and pectin can harden the stool and cause constipation. Banana is an example. You may have heard about eating this fruit when you have diarrhea or loose stools. The main reason for this is that it causes hard stools or even constipation.

Now you know some foods that you need to your diet in order to prevent hemorrhoids. Also, identify those that you need to shun from your food list. You may agree that the key to hemorrhoid prevention is eating healthy meals. Start feasting with healthy food alternatives in order to establish a good bowel habit.

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