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Hazards of Colon Cleansing

Cleansing diet plans reportedly help in cleaning out several organ systems in the body from toxins and waste products. A colon cleanse works by sweeping the intestines off impurities, thereby giving you an improved overall health and body function.

Advocates of colon cleansing think that the toxins which may be found in the intestines can trigger certain problems like arthritis, weight gain, and cancer. By clearing the colon out, these toxins can be removed and healthy bacterial growth can be promoted in the intestines.

While doctors normally recommend colon cleanses prior to procedures like a colonoscopy, you may be putting your body at risk if you use cleaning procedures like enemas and laxatives regularly, warns Dr. Michael Picco, a gastroenterologist from the Mayo Clinic.

Minimal Evidence

Despite the fact that proponents of colon cleansing claim they immediately feel healthier and lighter after detoxification, not enough scientific evidence is available to prove that these procedures can indeed remove hazardous chemicals from the body or offer health benefits.

Additionally, the theory which states that colon cleansing has the power to dislodge dangerous materials from the walls of the colon is fraudulent and inaccurate because fecal matter has a tendency to compact on the colon interior, notes Harvard HEALTH beat.

Fluid Imbalance

One major risk associated with colon cleansers, whether using a colonic or a laxative, is dehydration. Aside from that these procedures man also take away healthy bacteria and essential elements like potassium from the body, notes the Health Services at Columbia University.

Over-enthusiastic cleansing can also bring about an imbalance or deficiency of electrolytes leading to serious problems like kidney failure. Additionally, the body may also be placed at risk for heart failure is it absorbs too much fluid in a colon procedure.

Contamination and Perforation

The entire physical process involved in colon cleansing may be dangerous to the body. Equipment utilized for colon cleansing is considered illegal unless it is a part of a specific medical treatment, notes the American Cancer Society.

Be wary of unskilled colon cleanse practitioners because they may improperly remove, insert, or sterilize the equipment used. This can easily lead to severe illness and death.

Another risk that you will be subjected to when improperly using colon equipment is perforation in the walls of the bowel.

If you are recovering from recent surgery involving the digestive system or are suffering from conditions like diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and hemorrhoids, you have a higher risk of getting bowel injury with the use of colonics.


Always consult your doctor before using enemas, taking laxatives, or subjecting yourself to colonic irrigation for colon cleansing. Ask about his or her opinion regarding the products that you wish to use.

If the physician has given you an approval about receiving colon cleansing, ask the practitioner in the facility if he or she is licensed to perform the procedure. Make sure that the equipment used in up to date and disposable.

Dr. Michael Picco recommends patients to avoid being dehydrated by drinking sufficient fluids throughout the colon cleanse treatment.

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