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Deep Colon Cleanses

A deep colon cleanse can remove so many years of toxicity from the system, notes Dr. Edward Group from Colon Cleanse and Constipation Resource Center.

The colon works by processing the food which you take in and by helping in waste elimination, which is why it is normal to want it kept functional and clean at all times. A deep colon cleansing may be used to start off weight loss and improve overall wellness and health.

However, in order to truly understand what you are doing, you need to know all the things related to colon cleansing.


When it comes to deep colon cleansing, several options are available. Supplements like psyllium husk, cascara sagrada, and bentonite clay exist. Bentonite works by grabbing the toxic materials from the folds of the colon and then flushing it out of the body.

Psyllium increases the volume of the stool while cascara sagrada acts as stimulant laxative and roughage. If you are suffering from temporary constipation, a salt or water enema can greatly help.

This will cleanse the lower intestines but when compared to deep cleansing methods it cannot clean the colon as thoroughly. Lastly, you can also drink juices or fast entirely in order to permit the energy that your body would normally spend on digestion to improve the natural process of cleansing.


Advocates of deep colon cleansing think that getting it can help in removing toxins from the body which can trigger a lot of things from cancer to allergies, reports the Mayo Clinic.

As the body undergoes processing of food combinations and denatured foods which are hard to digest, the colon will be lined with more mucoid plaque.

Submitting yourself to deep colon cleansing can help in improving digestion, better nutrient absorption from foods, and an efficient processing of several toxins.


Your own physician can perform a colon evacuation or cleanse for surgery or medical screening. However, if you are planning on doing a colon cleanses by yourself, you may be putting your health at risk.

Unsupervised deep cleansing of the colon may lead to some serious adverse effects like tears of the bowel from the use of supplements, infections caused by enemas, or dehydration which can be brought about by fasting.

Individuals who are suffering from heart and kidney diseases must avoid deep colon cleansing, warns Dr. Michael Picco from Mayo Clinic.


If you have already contemplated on getting a deep colon cleanse and you think that the benefits can help you, you need to prepare yourself in order to achieve optimum results. Begin by staying hydrated all the time.

Before taking any kind of supplement, review and read the label. Consult your doctor to know any potential contraindications with drugs that you are currently taking. If you have decided on fasting, start by going for light meals and then proceed with drinking juices.

It does not matter what method you will choose, just remember to drinks lots of fluids to avoid dehydration. This will help you avoid health problems and your body can detoxify efficiently.

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